Convocatoria 2018 en español / .website FICC 2016 y 2018

Reopening for the next version: September 24, 2018
Official working languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese
What is it?
It is a party that unites all those who have affinities or some kind of affective ties with the ceramic, knowledge, training and research responsibilities with the archeological, industrial, artisan, artistic and all its sub-genres (artistic-archeological, artisanal-artistic, industrial-archaeological, etc.).
For this reason it is the only social space capable of:
1.-Uniting young students and professionals of: arts, education, archaeologists, anthropologists, ceramists, sculptors-potters, designers graphic and industrial designers, plastic and visual artists, heritage managers, museologists and researchers of the social sciences, art historians and teachers of all nationalities.
2.-Promoting the creation of social spaces of enjoyment and exchange of experiences around the ceramic…